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Do I Smell A Discount?

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I love sharing purchases and deals with everyone by keeping them in my Highlights.

Someone suggested I share all my discount links in one cohesive blog post, so here we are! Listed below are the websites and apps I've used and/or shopped from personally that I think y'all would enjoy. Christmas is upon us, so get on these deals ASAP!


If you want a discount on black owned skin care, check out this link below!


If you extra discounted cheap books, click the link for this website below!

15% off


If you're looking for awesome money saving apps, check these links out for automatic cash just for signing up & share with your friends!

save with family, friends, or individually for the long term or short term! *fave savings app*

or use code "AMANDAP260"

get automatic cash back when you sign up and connect a card!

get automatic cash back when you sign up!


Do you like supporting Black and Latinx owned businesses? Check these links out for some dope apparel!

or use code "AFROLATINAS"


Love shopping makeup? Love Latinx and Black Non-Latinx owned makeup brands? Check out these links!

10% off


If you're in the market for stickers, business cards, business networking, or just some glasses, check out these dope websites I've used!

$10 credit

20% off

not a shopping website, but useful!


That's all, folks! Happy shopping/signing up!


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