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Wrap it Up

In our quest for natural hair products, it's only fitting that we come across natural hair accessories such as pillow cases, bonnets, turbans, and head wraps. For many of us, we find that African print is the way to go (because it is, duh).

As you may or may not know, there are lots of head wrap companies out there, and one day - while Google searching "black owned head wrap companies" - I came across Loza Tam (on a website which I can't recall, at the moment) . I followed them on Instagram, and I was so excited when they recently reached out to collaborate! Loza Tam is known for their satin-lined, African printed headbands and turbans, handmade by women entrepreneurs in Ghana. If you wear your hair naturally, you may or may not know that satin helps prevent breakage and loss of moisture in your hair - (check out my natural hair tips post if you haven't, already!)

Loza Tam graciously sent over their Soweto African Print Head Wrap Headband ($20). Y'all know I love me some prints, and this print was sooo beautiful (the fabric was sourced from South Africa and is made of traditional "shweshwe" fabric). I actually wore it with a slicked back bun to work, today! Loza Tam headbands come in two widths – 4.25" or 7". The Soweto headband comes in the smaller width (more like a traditional headband), which they recommend for people with shorter hair or TWAs. If you're looking for something that can be worn with a pineapple, the 7" headband is more suited for that.

Despite being satin-lined, this headband wasn't sliding off my head all day. The satin lining does not cover the entire inside, but rather the wider portion of the headband, while the elastic band portion remains un-lined. The elastic band has great elasticity, and can definitely accommodate for those with different head sizes, which makes the product pretty "one size fits most". Check out the photos below! This particular headband is limited edition, so if you'd like it, you better snatch it up quick!

Luckily, I was actually able to speak with the founder of Loza Tam, Tam, and ask her some questions! Check out the interview below to learn more about her and Loza Tam!


1. When did you create Loza Tam and what made you want to start this business?

We launched in 2016. I came up with the idea for a satin-lined headband after I was in Bikram Yoga class. As I was doing a downward dog, my big kinky-curly hair was too! If you've ever taken a Bikram yoga class, the LAST thing you want is for your hair to be doing a downward dog in 100+ degree heat. I had a headband on but it was lined in silicone and couldn't stand up to the density of my hair. After I finished the class, I went on Google to see if there was something on the market that wouldn't rip my hair out, cause frizz or suck the moisture out of my hair. There was nothing. A few months later, I traveled to Ghana and was so inspired by the colorful scene a light bulb came on. I connect with a group of women entrepreneurs to sketch out my idea and then Loza Tam was born. 5lbs and 3

2. Why the name “Loza Tam”?

Short version is that I was supposed to start with another partner. We took his name and my name and combined it. The partner decided not to come on board but I really loved the name.

3. Is Loza Tam a one woman show?

I'm the only Founder. But to say that Loza Tam is a one woman show would not give credit to the team of women who make my products in Ghana, the thousands of Loza Tam Tribe members who support the brand, and my personal friends who have been rocking with me since day one. Loza Tam is a tribe of awesome women.

4. What is your favorite product that you offer?

I have favorite products depending on the I like versatility in terms of how I wear my hair.

When I don't want to deal with my hair so much, I will rock a satin-lined head wrap turban. I just throw it on and no one will know that I'm deep conditioning or have 6 big twists underneath.

When I want to wear my hair in a sleek chignon (bun), then I wear the satin covered bun maker.

If my hair style looks a little "blah," and I need to spice it up, I'll rock a headband.

5. What makes Loza Tam different from other companies that may offer satin lined products?

Our products are handmade in Ghana by women entrepreneurs. That means a little extra love is placed into each one.

6. What are the three most important things to know about you?

I'm from the rural South.

I love to travel! So far I've been to about 12 countries (most of them on the continent of Africa)

I come from a family of women who were business owners. My grandmother was a business owner and so is my mother. I've never really known any other way.

I really like to do indoor rock climbing.

7. Any advice for someone looking to start a business?

Be flexible and listen to your market: Every morning when I get up, I check Loza Tam's product reviews. Why? Because if my tribe isn't happy with the products, then that means I'm doing something wrong. Not everyone will love your product but the bell curve should.

Just do it: Launch your product and let the market give you feedback. I find people that are working on products for YEARS. They've spent tons of money upfront and haven't tested the viability of the product in the market. Just launch it. You can always make refinements later.


Loza Tam carries head wrap headbands, turban headbands, sports headbands, bonnets, head wrap turbans, baby headbands, natural skin care products, and a hair bun. You can find instructions to care for your hair accessories on their website. Make sure to follow them on Instagram!

I can't wait to rock this and take more pictures so I can share with you all.

Thank you, Loza Tam!


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