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Graduation Soon Come

Hey everyone!

It's halfway through the academic year for lots of us students (yes, I'm back in school), but it's also graduation season! Firstly, I wanted to congratulate all the Afro-Latinx, non-Black Latinx, and non-Latinx Black graduates! Be proud. You made it.

This post, however, is for all of us who have yet to graduate. I wanted to quickly share some dope merchants where you can purchase customized nation stoles! I've seen these throughout my posting of #AfroLatinxGrad pictures, and they all looked great! If you have any to add to this list (NB Latinx and Black owned, plz), let me know!

*All photos were retrieved from respective shop websites*


Dieula Designs

Dieula Designs is a black owned business from New Jersey. Take advantage of their embroidery options and Express Shipping!

Shop Dieula Designs on Etsy and check out her Instagram!


One Flag Nation

One Flag Nation is a Florida business that offers wholesale products for Flag Days, Graduations, and more. You can get mixed country flag stoles, here, as well!

Check out the One Flag Nation website and Instagram page!

Graduation Stoles is your stop for all types of stoles, including Kente, satin, Greek, Sarape, and personalized stoles.

Check out their website here!


Diverse Pride

Diverse pride is another place to get mixed nation stoles made from actual flags for those who represent more than one nationality! Make sure you check out their embroidery options.

Shop Diverse Pride via their website and check out their Instagram!


The Jacques

The Jacques is a New York based business that offers national flag stoles, as well as lots of other merchandise and accessories!

Check out The Jacques' website and their Instagram.


Some of these shops may not take orders throughout the year, so make sure you order with enough time to get your stole.

Happy Shopping,


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