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Reina Rebelde: The Best of Both Worlds

I'd say that one of the best parts about being an afrolatina is that you have the best of both worlds *cues Hannah Montana*.

By a stroke of luck, I've found a makeup brand that is all about that! Reina Rebelde was founded by Regina Merson (an Ivy league educated, Mexican lawyer), and prides itself in representing "today's mujer" and the duality that comes with it. Come on. Isn't it perfect?! She's speaking to my afrolatina soul here, letting us all know that you don't have to choose - you can be both!

I stumbled upon this brand when the beautiful @monicastylemuse posted this amazing, edge snatching photo (see below) to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and her partnership with Reina Rebelde. You know I'm all about makeup, so I gave it a read. As I finished reading the post, I came to find out that it was a giveaway! And it only required me to follow Reina Rebelde and comment below - because who actually likes those giveaways where you have to "tag a friend"?

So, your girl made a little comment and went about her day, completely forgetting about this giveaway. On September 25th, they announced that I was the winner! Like, whaat? I don't win giveaways, so this was super exciting. They sent me the code a few days later and I took a look at their website. Reina Rebelde carries eye products, lip products, face products, and accessories. Since it's fall, I decided to go with some items that I could use this season. If you follow my Instagram story, you've seen all of these in action, already!

Here's what I got:

4 Play Wet Dry Eye Color in 'Azteca' - Can be used wet or dry for varied intensity and opacity. Beautiful golden and fall tones. My favorite is the iridescent blue purple shadow (third from the top)! This picture doesn't do it justice.

Bold Lip Color Stick in 'Xicana' - Chunky, brown lipstick. Comfortable to wear. Definitely not matte, but a powder would probably do the trick to make it less satin-y.

Lip Brilliance in 'Enchufada' - A beautiful golden, yet neutral gloss. It can be worn alone, or be paired with a nude, dark brown, or even pink lipliner/lipstick underneath, while still looking amazing!

Reina Rebelde has eyebrow pomade, eyeliner, brushes, lashes, nail decals, and a contour color trio for your contour + highlight needs, and I know that you'll definitely find something for you while shopping, whether you prefer a red lip, neutral lip, or black lip - Yes, they have black lipstick. I told you, they're fierce. Give them a follow on Instagram!



If you're broke like me and never win giveaways, I have a surprise for you!

Save 10% on your next purchase from Reina Rebelde by clicking here!

Until next time, my fellow rebel queens.



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