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15 T-Shirt Brands Every Afro-Latina Needs In Her Closet

I like making lists. For everything. Christmas gifts. Lippies I want to try. Books I need to get my hands on. And t-shirts.

I've acquired a plethora of tees throughout my life, but as I ventured into this journey of identity seeking, I figured it was right to make a list of t-shirts I should rock. I've accumulated a wholeeee lot of companies and shirts on this list, and I thought I'd share some with you all, especially now that the holidays are coming up!

Not all of my flagged shirts and companies are included in this post, but don't fret. Another post like this one will come in the future! For now, take out your wallet and enjoy.


Peralta Project is a New York based shop, founded by Afro-Dominican M. Tony Peralta in 2005. He uses "New York Latino grit and hip-hop culture" as inspiration for his apparel. You may have seen his "Cafe Bustelo" pop art print on social media!

The shirts I'm interested in are definitely more minimalistic, but he also has tons of other bold and colorful merchandise I've got my eye on, including various pins and posters, as well as crewneck versions of these shirts! I love the emphasis on natural hair with the use of the hair pick and the Spanglish reference, lol. Each of the shirts below cost $28 and are available on Peralta Project's website.

(Photos retrieved from


JZD is a Texas based brand founded by Mexican Latina, Jen Zeano, and her wife, Veronica Zeano. It's all about wild and free spirits, happy souls, girl power, and Latina magic. Their "Latina Power" shirt went crazy viral earlier this year!

The store owner is super sweet, and I absolutely love their vibe. I've got my eye on two shirts, each costing $30-$32. I love their 'Morena' Tee, created to state that "any tone of Morena is beautiful and the shade of our skin does not define our cultural significance". I've also got my eye on a sticker and a dad hat they recently debuted! You can find that and more on Jen Zeano Designs' website.

(Photos by Jana Cantua and retrieved from


BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE™ is a movement that aims to "transform the way everyday people from around the world look at themselves and others" by transcending colonized beauty standards. In 2014, they partnered with Emory University's Gamma Nu Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. to create "50 Shades of Latino" as "a celebration of the beautiful spectrum of Latinx identity". They are also the creators of "50 Shades of Black".

This unisex shirt is very simple, displaying the company name, but the words can resonate with so many people as it aims to "celebrate and affirm the beauty found in every human being". We come in so many versions, and they're all beautiful! The shirt ranges from $25-$30 dollars and is also available in a long sleeve. To find out more, check BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE's website.

(Photo retrieved from


This t-shirt was created by one of my Afro-Cuban followers, Suyent. She wanted to provide affordable, good quality, self-knowledgeable tees to Afro-Latinas such as herself. "Blatina" is another common name used by Afro-Latinas, achieved by mixing the words "Black" and "Latina".

DeGuarapo sells five shirts on their Etsy, including this one in grey and black. I love how, just like other shirts I've mentioned, it's minimalistic, yet powerful in its one word message. I'm a Black Latina and I'm proud! This shirt costs $15.

(Photo retrieved from


Brown Sugar and Canela was created by Afro-Honduran/Garifuna founder, Keyanna, for strong women with a strong heritage: Afro-Latinas. Her products are not only just for Afro-Latina centered, but they're also focused on Garifuna and Central American pride.

I loveee how this shirt displays Latin America as the woman's hair. As a natural hair advocate, I find that it emphasizes the beauty of our hair as Latin American black women. This tee comes in various colors with both v-necks and crewneck tees available for $15 on Brown Sugar and Canela's website.

(Photo retrieved from


Sabrina (Puerto Rican), also the creator of Educated Latina, created her shirts "to celebrate and empower Latinas pursuing and seeking education in college, career, and beyond". Defy stereotypes and go for your dreams while wearing your shirt!

Es La Maestra's Etsy shop has hoodies, tanks, hats, and bumper stickers that don the "Educated Latina" slogan. This t-shirt can be purchased for $26 dollars. I plan to get one when I finally get into graduate school (soon, I hope). I also want to get one for my younger sister! Teach the youngins that they can achieve anything!

(Photo retrieved from


Created by Rebecca and Raquel of Boriqua Chicks, the Afro-Latinas Rock shirt is well known among our community on social media. The message is pretty clear, and it's even been rocked by 'Celia' star, Jeimy Osorio!

My favorite part of this shirt is the pop of color! I'm weird in that I love neutrality, yet I love bold colors and patterns, so this is perfect! You can get yours for $25 on Boriqua Chicks' website. Check out their blog!

(Photo retreived from


Created by Afro-Puerto Rican/Belizean Shomara, Blatina With The Good Hair's purpose is "to help bring light to an intense movement of uniqueness and originality of Blatinas/Afro-Latinas/Blacktinas everywhere".

I love that these are bodysuits! Being born to immigrants and being a black Latina, these are absolutely perfect for someone like me! These two bodysuits range from $18.99-$20 on BWTGH's website.

(Photos retrieved from


Black Latina Negra Bella, LLC dedicated to the empowerment of Latinas of all diverse backgrounds. It's a movement that, ultimately, aims to "change the narrow perceptions of Latinas in the media." It was founded by Afro-Dominicans Dania Peguero and Vilma D. Peguero.

I love how BLNB is reclaiming the words "black" and "negra" with their movement. They currently sell mugs, shirts, tanks, and even a children's book (which I'm getting for my future daughter) on their website! This shirt, in particular, can be purchased for $22.

(Photo by Luna Photography and retrieved from


Founders Ana M. Feliciano (Dominican) and Erika Hernandez (Cuban) created LMNM because of what happens when you enter "Latina made" into a search engine. Even if you just enter the word "Latina", what comes up is obscene images or the search suggestion of "Latina Maid", instead. This shirt goes to show that we are not all maids, like the media displays. We are lawyers, designers, counselors, CEOs, teachers, and much more. And we're also made by our beautiful Latina mommies.

I can't wait to buy their 'End Latina Stereotyping' pin and purchase this shirt! You can find it sold for $20 on Etsy, but don't forget to check out their website for blog posts and features! Also, 30% of their proceeds go to the Latina Made Scholarship Fund, which helps young Latina women be the first in their families to go to college. Way to help young ladies challenge stereotypes!

(Photo by TLGreen Photography and retrieved from


Iconic Beast (and the Morena Tee) was created by Afro-Dominican Nina Rodriguez with the aim of helping others embrace their individuality. To her, Morena represents una mujer de "raza prieta, lenna de orgullo y amor, nunca faltando sabor". My papi always calls me his morenita, so being a proud morena will always have an important place in my heart. I can't wait to get this tee!

Shirts cost $25. To purchase yours, contact Iconic Beast via email!

(Photo retrieved from


Somar ATX is a Xicana owned brand for all POC created by Alma (Mexican). You can find tons of things: mugs, hats, totes, tees, tanks, onesies, sweatshirts; all connected to Xicanx culture (including Selena and conchas, lol)

This 'Minorites are Priorities' tee can be found on Somar ATX's website for $26.99. Many of my followers and friends are minorities (in basically any sense of the word), so I think this shirt is extremely important, especially with the political climate these days. I'm also soooo ready to buy their 'Corazon De Melon' sticker because my mami always used to say that to me! LOVE.

(Photo retrieved from


For those Latinas who may not have two Latino parents or for those who just enjoy being of racially, ethnically, or culturally mixed - this shirt may be for you! Created by Afro-Brazilian and Mexican, Michelle, Beautifully Mixed Clothing celebrates being innately diverse.

These unisex tees (and children's tees) come with gold or white font and are sold on Etsy for $20.

(Photo retrieved from


Daughter Of An Immigrant is a Los Angeles based brand created "for proud babes". I never fully understood what being a daughter to immigrants meant until very recently, and I appreciate this brand bringing our parents' struggles and achievements to the forefront. Being a child of immigrants is not the same experience for everyone, but I know that we're all proud to be one.

Their shop includes hoodies, onesies, and tees in different color combos of the shirt shown below. This tee can be purchased on their website for $25.

(Photo retrieved from


If you know me, you'll know that this t-shirt was created by me! I really wanted to do something cool and new; since my thing is hair, I figured I'd make a shirt that spoke to the hateful words that many of us have heard throughout our life: pelo malo. I wanted something that would make a statement to all my curly haired afrolatinas, their families, and the world. Our hair IS good hair.

This tee is sold on Teespring and comes in various styles, including men's shirts and toddler, infant shirts. Prices range from $16-$24 among the styles.

(Photo by Cru Alxndr)


Phew, that's all for now folks! As you can tell, I enjoy minimalistic tees, but I hope you stumbled upon some good gift ideas here or on one of their websites!

If you have another brand you think I should share, message me! I'll be sharing more in the future.

Happy Shopping,


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